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Looking for a course which delivers what
YOU want to learn WHEN you are available?

We are a small independent training company and our unique concept enables you to tell us what you want to learn and when and how you would like to do your training, and we will put together an individually structured programme to meet your requirements.

We offer an extensive range of computer and business related training for all levels, both during the day and in the evening. Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn how to use a computer, a laptop or a mobile device; how to use email, social network sites, the internet or basic word processing; or whether you already have some computer knowledge and want to improve your skills either for home use, for work, or to gain qualifications, we will have something for you. 

We offer you the chance to learn all sorts of things relating to a computer - eg word processing, software such as Excel and PowerPoint, secretarial or administrative skills, etc, to name but a few – either through our flexible workshops  or via one-to-one tuition or through distance learning modules. You will find further information about all our courses on our course leaflets page.

In addtion, we can also offer help to set up and use new computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, phones, Windows 10, Google Chrome, Google Drive etc; and connecting to the Internet, printers and other external devices etc.